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For raw Linters Quality ( at raw Linters Producer )

  • sufficient seed cleaning capacity
  • sufficient fibre cleaning capacity
  • plastic removal equipment

For raw Linters Quality ( at pulping plant )

  • a fiberizer after the bale opener for best possible flock opening
  • dry cleaning equipment (selected after Tests with the Producer)
  • Installation of plastic removal equipment 

For cooking there are 3 options

  • conventional: with modified steam inlet
  • conventional: low liquid/fibre ratio
  • newer: continuous Twin screw Extruders

For black liquor elimination

  • Dilution washing in Hollander with false Bottom
  • table washer

both options allow fresh water consumptions of 20 - 25 m3/ton

For Bleaching

  • with H2O2 either in cooking or in a separate bleaching
  • with ClO2 generated from NaClO3 in Hollander

the better the raw material that enters to the cooking step the less bleaching is necessary to reach 88 - 90 brightness.